About us

Dear colleagues, partners and clients of Training Center PITC,
please be advised that starting October 7, 2021 our email addresses will be changing.
You may now reach us at info@pitc.kz and tm@pitc.kz
Our previous email addresses will be operational until the end of October 2021


Main trends of activity

foto1-engPITC Training Center LLP has been substantially involved in the following activities: Identification of a need in the training; planning, arrangement and providing training for the Kazakhstani oil companies’ personnel.
Development and implementation of the system for oil companies’ personnel training and career planning.
Development and preparation of the teaching materials to be used in the process of advanced studies provided for managerial and technical staff of the Kazakhstani oil companies.

Types of activities

The PITC hits its targets through the following kinds of activity:

  • Training of various levels managers in Management, Finance, Marketing.
  • Special technical training.
  • Training in various aspects of the legislation. – Development of training programs and international probation course.
  • Planning and providing of training courses together with various international and Kazakhstani organizations.
  • Teaching the foreign language and PC skills.
  • Creation of both staff database for the sector and dataroom of the training programs for different enterprises.

The PITC personnel

foto2The permanent staff of the PITC consists of some people. As advisers and part-time employees there also attracted teachers of the state and private Almaty universities, leading experts of the governmental and supervising bodies, taxation, environmental, legal and other companies, and also international teachers and experts, who comprise its teaching staff.